Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4k

9 Blackmagic Micro Studio 4k Cameras enable a 5.4k final stitched resolution in a form factor that allows for an ideal stereoscopic 3D effect. Utilizing this professional grade camera establishes the backbone of this system, providing tri-sync genlock, synced controls, and 10bit 422 output.

On-Board Monitoring & Recording

4 Convergent Design Apollo’s and 1 Odyssey 7Q+ enable live-monitoring and capture at 3840×2160 ProRes HQ 10 bit 422 files. With adjustable zebra, histogram, and waveform the VRTUL 1 system provides unprecedented underwater monitoring capabilities.

Camera Controls Underwater

The VRTUL 1 custom control panel gives camera operators the ability to make fine tune adjustments to get the shot perfect. The control panel provides shutter, gain, white balance, start/stop record, and master power on/off controls.

Omnidirectional Audio Capture

4 corner mounted omnidirectional hydrophones provide an additional layer to the capture system and enable increased mixing flexibility in post.

Broadcast Upgrade

The VRTUL 1 broadcast module will consist of a new lower assembly that replaces the preview, recording, control and power unit. These functions will be moved to the surface via a cable bundle which can be fed directly into industry standard live-stitching, camera control, and switching solutions. Available Summer 2018 (subject to change).