The VRTUL 1 underwater stereoscopic camera system was designed from the ground up to fill the needs of demanding live-action VR capture and broadcast professionals. The VRTUL 1 brings an unprecedented level of control, monitoring, and quality to underwater live-action VR.
Depth Rating
100 ft / 30m

Dome Ports

  • 8x HQ 65mm glass ports
  • 1x 90mm acrylic port (top)

Camera Layout
Parallel camera design allows for 120-150 degree of seam-free field of view


  • Slightly positive
  • Can be trimmed to neutral with standard dive weights


  • Stitchable zone from ~2 feet
  • 5.4k stitched resolution

Multiple hand-holds for easy transfer to and from the water

Dynamic Range
11 stops

Synch Signal
Tri-Sync Genlock from Blackmagic Sync Generator

Lens System

  • 9x f/1.8 2.7mm circular fisheye
  • Locking iris knob
  • Fixed focus, custom calibrated for the VRTUL 1 dome ports
Shooting Resolution
3840 x 2160

Output Signal
10 bit 422

Frame Rate

  • 29.97 (recommended)
  • Other frame rates possible, but require adjustment of recorders and sync generator
Audio System
4x H2A Hydrophones directly connected to camera mic inputs
4x Convergent Design Apollo and 1x Odyssey 7Q+ for a total of 9 UHD recordings

Recommended Format

  • 10 bit ProRes 422 (HQ)
  • Other formats available

Record Time (1TB)

  • 63 min

  • 5x 7.7”, 1280 x 800 OLED
  • 3400:1 contrast ratio
  • 5x Acrylic view windows
  • Simultaneous live-preview of all cameras (2 per monitor: 1 large, 1 inset)
  • Adjustable zebra, histogram, waveform can be set prior to closing the housing
Unified Underwater Controls

  • Power on/off
  • Shutter speed
  • White balance
  • Gain
  • Record start / stop
Internal Controls (Open housing)

  • Iris (locking)
  • Sync gen settings
  • Resolution & frame rates
  • Preview assist functions (zebra, histogram, etc)

  • 2x Sealed lead-acid batteries
  • Approved for transport by air
  • DOT, IATA, and FAA certified
  • Replacement batteries available worldwide
2x Chargers included

Run Time
1+ hours of total record time (final duration TBD)

31.77” x 17.29” x 17.29” (H x W x D)
~100lbs dry