Today we launch the VRTUL 1, the first commercial 3D rig for underwater, cinematic 360. The quality and reliability of GoPros just doesn’t do it anymore, with our picture below as reference.

This new rig has Black Magic Micro Studio cameras, stereo, live preview, omnidirectional sound, tri-level sync, and a new level of 360 shooting and experience never before seen in the market. It is not official, but we are even in final testing phases to slip in a Teradek Sphere and iPad Pro so that every Director/Editor has a live stitch after the dive for immediate review, skipping the entire quick stitch render step. Yes, it is a bit heavy on dry land, but it is neutrally buoyant and the weight allows divers to maintain straight, even horizons which other lighter underwater rigs struggle with.

From experience that underwater 3D is powerful we hope this will help push even better cinematic, live action VR ideas. We will be selling for those of you interested in the technology and, of course, renting for those interested.

If you are at SXSW March 13 – 16 and would like to know more you can reach out to Casey Sapp at We will be premiering the camera and a demo reel at NAB booth #N318VR. We hope to see you there!